Scholarship Program

Need based scholarships in Kuwait

IWA’s flagship project grants need based Scholarships to children who cannot afford education, in Kuwait and in India. In 2014, we could give over 150 children an opportunity to education. The Scholarships requests, received through Principals of various schools are analyzed and filtered carefully by a team of IWA members.

The cases are carefully and proactively analysed, so scholarships are granted to the most deserving students. The letters on this page are from principals of the various schools that are supported by IWA. Our individual sponsorships “Shining Stars” that you generously support go a long way in ensuring that deserving children get a chance to education.

Chance to Live

IWA supports thalassemic children with life saving medicines

Thalassemia a genetic disorder afflicts thousands of new-borns in India. Transfusion dependent for life, the children endure painful chelation therapy to prevent organ damage. If left untreated their lives can be extinguished in early teens. Treatment is very expensive and the underprivileged succumb to financial stress.

IWA is involved in assisting such underprivileged families by providing their children with expensive life saving medication in Mangalore, India.

Bridge of Hope

Lending a helping hand to HIV/AIDS affected children

IWA’s project Bridge of Hope seeks to bring relief to HIV or AIDS affected children in India. The children, whose parents are construction workers belong to different parts of India, but are based in the Marmagao slums in Goa. They are under the umbrella of Presentation Society, in the dedicated care of a handful of sincere caretakers.

The kids being supported by IWA belong to 5 groups:

  • Kids whose one or either parent suffers from HIV or AIDS.
  • Kids who are orphaned because their parents succumbed to AIDS.
  • Kids who are partially orphaned –have lost one parent to AIDS.
  • Kids who suffer from HIV or AIDS.
  • HIV or AIDS affected special needs children.

IWA supports Presentation Society that looks after these children’s academic, medical and psycho-social needs. The team visits the affected children at home, and keeps a keen eye on the attendance at school of every child.

IWA began the project in 2008 and has not only sustained it, but even grown it multifold. Initially, only basic necessities were provided to 80 children that were housed, then tuition fees were included, subsequently private tuition fees were added, and finally, having observed the success of vocational activities, those were also given full support by IWA.

IWA’s personal involvement with the project has grown, with members visiting the children ever so often and interacting with them and the authorities. Other help in the form of toys, books and other essentials have been collected in Kuwait and shipped to India from time to time. These children, often shunned by society find a glimmer of hope through IWA.

Steps to Success

Lending a helping hand to low income special needs individuals at Prayatna

IWA aims at providing new meaning and better quality of life to the special needs individuals at Prayatna. Prayatna is an organization dedicated to serving the special needs community of India.

IWA provides support to this organization to work towards a common goal – Prayatna’s mission to uplift individuals mentally and emotionally to gain self-dependency and become independent in life. An institute for lesser privileged special needs individuals, Prayatna is run by three dedicated women who have worked with special needs people for over 13 years.

It offers meaningful teaching experiences aimed at creating competent and confident individuals regardless of their disability. The best part about Prayatna is that the center is aimed at overall personality development and strategy building to help special people overcome their disabilities, and instead concentrate on their capabilities.

IWA continues to contribute in its own humble way by supporting a fair number of children with tuition and vocational fees, with the hope that the support will grow from strength to strength each year.

Sharing is Caring

Care packages to the lesser privileged

IWA’s Scholarship Program involves interviewing parents from either low income groups, or those who are in crisis situations and therefore in need of scholarships to educate their children. This process brought to the fore some families who were in desperate need of daily essentials, as some had lost their jobs, or the family had lost their bread winner. Additionally, the people working in camps, far from the comforts of home were also given care packages.

IWA’s initiative “Share to Care” was actioned through IWA’s network of generous people. Food rations, toiletries and daily essentials were collected, sorted and meticulously packed into cartons at IWA members’ homes. About 50 such cartons were prepared and distributed to families in despair.

This programme has for the 19th consecutive year provided needy families with hampers of food, toiletries and other essentials. A small gesture of reaching out and caring through sharing.

Spread a Special Smile

Spreading a legacy of love among special needs kids

Childhood is where dreams are made or lost. IWA Members and friends of IWA provide the lifeline of hope to the children who have lost theirs at the Kuwait Society of the Handicapped. High School children volunteer for the ’’Spread a Special Smile’’ Program and receive a Certificate with credits towards community service.

IWA members on occasions take the children on outings such as this visit to the Magic Planet, at Avenues through the kind courtesy of Kuwait Automotive Imports Company WLL (Alshaya & Alsager).

Helpers of the Handicapped

IWA supports an institute for paraplegics

Helpers of the Handicapped, Kolhapur was founded in 1984 by Naseema Hurzuk, a paraplegic herself, with her close friend Rajani Karkare Deshpande, colleague Manohar Deshbhratar and few others. In the last 31 years the organization has provided 25,019 units of rehabilitation services to over 9,496 persons with disabilities.

The organisation is involved in total rehabilitation of the physically and mentally challenged men and women. It runs ‘‘Gharonda’’ at Kolhapur, a totally barrier free hostel cum rehabilitation centre. It also runs Samarth Vidya Mandir in the same city, an integrated co-ed school adjacent to the Gharonda hostel.

At present there are 510 physically challenged as well as able bodied boys and girls from economically backward rural areas studying here from Kindergarten to Class X. Indian Women’s Association sponsored six physically challenged students for the academic year 2015 – 2016.

Compassionate Care

IWA organises a medical camp at the church

The Indian Women’s Association in Kuwait along with the Indian Doctor’s Forum and the Holy Family Cathedral held their annual ‘‘Compassionate Care’’ program at the church premises in Kuwait City.

Through their latest ‘‘Compassionate Care’’ program over 400 people from lesser privileged backgrounds were able to receive a free health check-up and medical advice. Till date, this program has reached out to more than 2,400 people.

All attendees went through a basic screening that included a weight, blood pressure and blood sugar test, before seeing a doctor to screen specific problems. Running for about four hours, over 30 doctors attended to various complaints that ranged from aches and pains to ophthalmic and cardio issues. Basic medical advice was given for common complaints while more serious issues were referred to other medical sources.

The members of the Indian Women’s Association worked together with their supporters and church volunteers to ensure all the attendees were catered to quickly and smoothly.

Shelter of Solace

Ashadham Ashram, a home for the poor, the sick, and the disabled offers the best hope for the abandoned and the helpless. Located in Udaipur, India the Ashram provides them with shelter, food and medical care. Ashadham, which has served the needy for 14 uninterrupted years now houses 230 souls whose once lost hopes have been restored. 6 trained and dedicated nurses provide around the clock service tending to their everyday needs.

IWA lends a helping hand to Ashadham, in order to sustain their Shelter of Solace. Seen in the pics are couple of IWA members visiting the facility, in order to plan more ways in which IWA can help them.