Scholarship Program

Need based scholarships in Kuwait

IWA’s flagship project grants need based Scholarships to children who cannot afford education, in Kuwait and in India. In 2014, we could give over 150 children an opportunity to education. The Scholarships requests, received through Principals of various schools are analyzed and filtered carefully by a team of IWA members.

The cases are carefully and proactively analysed, so scholarships are granted to the most deserving students. The letters on this page are from principals of the various schools that are supported by IWA. Our individual sponsorships “Shining Stars” that you generously support go a long way in ensuring that deserving children get a chance to education.

Bridge of Hope

Giving HIV/AIDS affected children a better quality of life

Partner Organisation Background

Presentation Society is a not-for-profit organization. It works in the areas of women and tribal empowerment, urban development, HIV prevention, community based care and support for people and children living with HIV/AIDS.

Main Activity

  • Ensuring care, support and protection to HIV/AIDS affected and infected children
  • Caring for their primary needs of nutrition, clothing and shelter, educational, psychosocial and other developmental needs

IWA’s Role

  • Reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS on children and their families in Goa through a comprehensive and sustainable approach of educating children and their overall development
  • Reducing or zeroing HIV related morbidity and mortality among parents and children, and improving economic productivity among family members and care givers of children affected by HIV

Chance to Live

Supporting children with Thalassemia

Partner Organisation Background

Seva Bharati is a non-government organization (NGO) working for socioeconomically marginalized, tribal and indigenous communities, urban slum dwellers and resettlement colonies.

Dr. UV Shenoy is the eminent doctor managing the treatment of kids with thalassemia, he is also IWA’s point of contact for the Chance to Live project.

Main Activity

  • Seva Bharati has several welfare and service programs, providing free medical assistance, free education, and vocational training through its nationwide network of more than 10,000 centers
  • It runs about 160,000 activities throughout the year in 602 districts
  • In Mangalore it provides treatment to children with thalassemia

IWA’s Role

  • IWA provides medical aid and expensive life saving medicines to the children from the Gowda community of Karnataka, looked after by Seva Bharati

Steps to Success

Lending a helping hand to low income special needs individuals at Prayatna

Background of Partner Organisation

Founded physically in 1997 by the mutual inspiration of three special educators Radiya Gohil, Mridula Das and Nafisa Khambata

Main Activity

  •  Training Center for Special Needs children and adults, creating competent and confident individuals regardless of their disabilities
  • Using simple innovative techniques and practices to optimize the potential of persons with intellectual and physical disabilities for their overall growth and life enrichment
  •  Age is no bar, the youngest student is 3+ and the oldest is 50+

IWA’s Involvement
IWA supports the teaching experiences aimed at creating competent and confident individuals regardless of their disabilities. IWA has been supporting the education, training, conveyance and lunch for some of the challenged students who are unable to afford the same.

Sharing is Caring

Providing daily needs to the lesser privileged

Main Activity

  • An annual hamper drive is conducted in the month of April through the IWA network
  • Essentials like food, toiletries, daily needs are collected and packed into care hampers
  • These hampers are then distributed to migrant families who are struggling daily
  • The objective is to help these families and labourers who work in poor conditions with low salaries
  • In the last 5 years hamper packing has been streamlined and new avenues of distribution like labor camps been identified

Shelter of Solace

Aiding the old, destitute and abandoned

Partner Organisation Background

Ashadham Ashram is home to 280 inmates who are old, abused, abandoned and destitute. They are brought in from streets, hospitals, railway stations and bus stands. They are taken care of by 6 nuns at the Ashram. The residents can be classified into four major categories: mentally challenged, physically handicapped, victims of severe abuse, patients with dementia and people abandoned by their families.

Ashadham runs on charity.

Main Activity

  • Helpless and hopeless people are brought in by the nuns and kept with loving care and concern
  • The aim of the unit is to take care of them without any discrimination of caste, creed or religion
  • They are given mental, physical, medical and psycho- social support
  • The Ashram has been serving selflessly for the last 15 years

IWA’s Role

  • IWA gives annual support to Ashadham, which is used for the inmates’ daily needs [[ Daily needs of these residents are food, clothing, medicines, first aid, emergency services and residential facilities
  • In 2016, IWA donated 120 blankets to the facility
  • IWA also organized two events to collect support for them: a Yoga day in 2016 & Dandiya Evening in 2017

Compassionate Care

Health care camp for the disadvantaged

Main Activity

  • IWA collaborates with the Indian Doctor’s Forum and the Holy Family Church to conduct their annual ‘Compassionate Care’ program at the church premises where over 400 people from lesser privileged backgrounds are able to receive a free health check-up and medical advice
  • Attendees undergo a basic screening that includes weight, blood pressure and blood sugar test, before seeing a doctor to screen specific problems
  • The camp runs for over 4 hours, with over 30 doctors attending to various complaints
  • Basic medical advice is given for common complaints while more serious issues are referred to relevant medical sources.
  • At the end of the camp IWA felicitates the doctors from Indian Doctors Forum, Indian Dentists Alliance in Kuwait (IDAK) church volunteers, voluntary nurses from Indian Nurses Federation of Kuwait (INFOK) and supporters who had worked together tirelessly to ensure all the attendees received the required medical help and advice they were seeking

Cherish a Child

Relief to children with cancer

Partner Organisation Background
JASCAP – ‘Jeet Association for Support to Cancer Patients’ is committed to providing educational material and advice pertaining to cancer, its diagnosis and its management to cancer patients, their families and caregivers

IWA’s Role

  • IWA supports JASCAP with the aim to directly help few cancer patients and their caregivers to bravely meet the challenges they face in coping with this dreaded disease

Main Activity

  • Empower people by making them aware and providing them information pertaining to cancer and its management by publishing and distributing a series of booklets and information brochures in various Indian languages at their bookstall located at the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai India, as well as online
  • Offer financial assistance to cancer patients and cancer survivors for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, especially to paediatric cancer patients [[ To promote activities relating to prevention, early diagnosis and early treatment of cancer

Helpers of the Handicapped

IWA supports an institute for paraplegics

Helpers of the Handicapped, Kolhapur was founded in 1984 by Naseema Hurzuk, a paraplegic herself, with her close friend Rajani Karkare Deshpande, colleague Manohar Deshbhratar and few others. In the last 31 years the organization has provided 25,019 units of rehabilitation services to over 9,496 persons with disabilities.

The organisation is involved in total rehabilitation of the physically and mentally challenged men and women. It runs ‘‘Gharonda’’ at Kolhapur, a totally barrier free hostel cum rehabilitation centre. It also runs Samarth Vidya Mandir in the same city, an integrated co-ed school adjacent to the Gharonda hostel.

At present there are 510 physically challenged as well as able bodied boys and girls from economically backward rural areas studying here from Kindergarten to Class X. Indian Women’s Association sponsored six physically challenged students for the academic year 2015 – 2016.

Green Home with a Golden Heart

Caring for the environment and the abandoned

Partner Organisation Background
Founded in 2008, by a well-known Karma Yogi, Ravi Kalra, ‘The Earth Saviours Foundation’ is an internationally recognized NGO in New Delhi, India. The Foundation is dedicated to serving the lesser privileged and abandoned citizens of India. The Foundation also works tirelessly to protect the environment, while the cadre of volunteers belonging to the Foundation have dedicated their lives to community welfare.

Main Activity

  • Rescue center for mentally disturbed people [[ ‘Rehabilitation Center’ – for poor children
  • Jia Nari Niketan shelter to look after deprived females
  • Battle to save the environment and its habitats [[ Old age home to look after abandoned senior citizens

IWA’s Role

  • IWA annually supports the NGO, and is proud to be associated with such a dedicated humanitarian initiative

Spread a Special Smile

Bringing a smile to special needs individuals

IWA members and friends of IWA spend time with the special individuals at the Kuwait Society for the Handicapped (KSH), and the ‘Spread a Special Smile’ program is extended to high students. Certificates are awarded to them for spending four consecutive sessions at the facility.

Every week the KSH folks wait for the dance, music, cake cutting ceremonies and various celebrations that bring happy smiles on their faces. Its indeed a treat for the eyes to watch them enjoying every moment of the happy times!

Breast Cancer Awareness

Main Activity

  • A series of Breast Cancer Awareness workshops organised by IWA every October to raise awareness of the disease by educating on symptoms and treatment, in the hope that greater knowledge will enable ‘ Early Discovery Leads to Recovery’
  •  2 workshops held this year, 1) Indian Central , Abbasiya for Indian nurses and 2) Dasman for daily wages and domestic labour
  • Workshops were conducted by the eminent oncologists Dr. Susovana Nair and Dr. Anantha Priya who spoke in the regional languages of the audience
  • At the Dasman workshop Dr. Susovana Nair personally examined the majority of attendees to rule out any symptoms, doubtful cases were sent for further screening, one of which tested positive
  • Additionally at the annual medical health care camp “Compassionate Care” held at the Holy Family Cathedral,
    Dr. Susovana Nair again examined all those who registered for a breast health check-up