Breast Cancer Awareness Seminars

As a part of their Reach for Health initiative, IWA organised a breast cancer awareness seminar for the security Staff of GUST – Gulf University of Science & Technology. Dr. Susovana Sujit Nair spoke in Hindi so the porters could grasp the presentation. Topics of breast self-examination, and high risk factors were discussed. It was an enlightening talk by Dr. Susovana, and IWA is grateful for her time and co-operation. IWA also conducted a similar seminar for members of the Bengali Cultural Society presented by Dr. Susovana

IWA Organises Seminar for Centerpoint Staff

IWA organised a breast cancer awareness seminar for the staff of Centerpoint. Dr. Ananthapriya Vaidya presented to the staff, which turned up in large numbers. Dr Ananthapriya spoke about how early detection can save lives, and took the audience through the steps of Breast Self-Examination.

The doctor also highlighted the risk factors, and the channels of help that were easily help available in Kuwait. The session ended with a question- answer round, and with honouritng and thanking Dr. Ananthapriya for giving IWA so much of her precious time

IWA Organizes Seminar for Crowne Plaza Staff

One of the strongest chances one has to beat fight breast cancer is early detection. Over the years IWA under their Reach for Health initiative has strived to grow awareness of this disease through several seminars within the local community. In October 2015, to commemorate breast cancer month, IWA conducted a seminar for employees of the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Led by Dr. Madhu Gupta, a consultant obstetrician and gynecologist from the Farwaniya Hospital, the seminar aimed at explaining the causes and spread of breast cancer, detection through regular self-examination or screening and advising the attendees on what to do if they doubt that they may have the disease.

An engaging question and answer session with Dr. Gupta was followed by an inspiring speech by Shashikala Pushkarna. Shashikala is a breast cancer survivor and an active volunteer at the Al Sidra Association for Psychological Care of Cancer Patients. Energetic and full of live, she shared experiences of her journey with cancer and how she fought hard with medical intervention, yoga and a healthy diet.

Every year IWA powers ahead with such seminars and continues to drive efforts to save precious lives.

National Day Celebrations

Like every year, February 25th, National Day a special day IWA celebrated with the residents of Kuwait Society for the Handicapped (KSH).The occasion was kindly graced by Sheikha Omniya Mubarak Al Sabah and IWA Patron Dr. Gargi Jain. IWA members regularly visit the KSH to spend time with the children, but for this special event, the room was decorated in a beautiful sea of red, green and black, Kuwait’s national colors.

The residents of KSH, dressed in traditional festive attire, had an enjoyable time with upbeat music and the finale of the evening, cutting the “I Love Kuwait” inscribed cake. The smiles and excitement of the children spoke a thousand words! IWA members, dressed in the national colors managed to revive the patriotic spirit for this beloved country, Kuwait! Long live Kuwait!

Breast Cancer Awareness with Al Sidra

During the breast cancer awareness month of October, Al Sidra Association for Psychological Care of Cancer Patients organised “Early Detection Saves Lives”, their second seminar on breast cancer awareness. The event was held at the prestigious Al Hashemi Grand Ballroom at Radisson Blu. Key speakers included Dr. Rossol Bourousli, Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Rania Azmi, “Survive & Thrive” initiative for cancer patients, and Ms. Mona Jaffar who spoke on surviving Breast Cancer.

IWA participated in the event with a booth and distribution of Breast Cancer Awareness material.

Asanas for Ashadham

‘Asanas for Ashadham’ was organized by IWA on Friday 29th Jan, 2016 at the Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST).

The objectives of the event were:

  • To organise support for Ashadham, the Shelter of Solace.
  • To create awareness about Yoga as a healthy and effective therapy for physical fitness.
  • Meditation, as a mindfulness technique helps to focus on the here & Now and restore your energy.

The event was attended by more than 50 participants. Subish Kanoli, a Yoga expert from Artistic Yoga & Pilates conducted a 45 minutes session of various ‘Asanas’ helpful in daily life followed by 15 minutes of breathing exercises. Vinod Kumar from the Art of Living group presented the benefits of Yoga and concluded the session with 15 minutes of meditation. Yoga exercises, meditation and an introduction about AshaDham were the main highlights.

Light a Life

IWA enjoys the unflinching support of many well-wishers, without whose enthusiastic involvement IWA could not reach out to so many. One such staunch well-wisher, Ms. Futooh Al Asfour opened her heart and her home to host a wonderful evening “Light a Life”, to create awareness of IWA’s causes.

IWA spoke about its projects in Kuwait, and in India, and detailed three of them – namely Bridge of Hope supporting AIDS and HIV affected children, Helpers of the Handicapped, a project for paraplegic children, and Shelter of Solace, a home for abandoned individuals.

The support was overwhelming, even as the evening provided an excellent platform to spread awareness of IWA’s involvement in various humanitarian projects. IWA’s immense gratitude to Ms. Futooh Al Asfour for her thoughtfulness, sheer compassion and generosity. A big Thank-You!