The IWA Family

Dr. Gargi Jain

Muriel Alphonso

Vice President
Dr. Tahseen Khan

Executive Consultant
Shireen Kanchwala

General Secretary
Lubna A.L. Ghansar

Corporate Communications
Sangeeta Jamwal

Public Relations
Reynna Vas

Events Co-ordinator
Nita Bhatkar Chogle

Sponsorship Development
Soonu Mistry
Raji Lamba
Bepsy Patel
Shabana Mukadam

Alzira D’souza
Surayya Cyclewala
Aiman Halela

Lorraine A. Thomas
Qamar Kardame
Fatema Qazi

Educational Support
Dr. Shanta Maria James

Community Service
Dr. Siddiqa Hussain
Tasneem Petladi
Munira Mallu
Ruksar Kasim
Anjali Raj

Humanitarian Activites
Kauser Sheikh
Insia Anwar
Kamal Peeyush Jain
Sonal Ghaghda

20 Years Of Dedicated Service

IWA continues to
Lend a Helping Hand

Committee Members Message

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.

– Albert Schweitzer

When a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear. When a drop of rain reunites with the ocean does anybody know. When a child is denied their fundamental rights, does anybody care. The Indian Women’s Association, IWA does. IWA strives to hear, learns to acknowledge and labours to care.

Gratitude the title of the painting on the brochure cover, embodies IWA’s emotions towards the countless who have stood steadfast with IWA. We owe it to your endless support that we have come this far.

The Indian Women’s Association IWA, in its 19th year of existence can proudly proclaim We made a difference. IWA has successfully been able to transform its vision of Lending a Helping Hand into a lifeline for the underprivileged and underserved populace.

Community service is at the core of our mission. We bring smiles to the faces of the children at Kuwait Society for the Handicapped. We spend quality time with them. An important initiative Spread a Special Smile is based on High School and University children interacting with these loving kids.

Creating health awareness is another focus area.

We periodically conduct Humanitarian projects that we support and continue to add new ones each year:

Scholarship Program: providing need based scholarships to students in India and Kuwait

Bridge of Hope: meeting educational needs of AIDS affected children ignored by the society

Chance to Live: providing life savings drugs to Thalassemics Steps to Success: bringing training and development to special needs people at Prayatna Sharing is Caring: supplying basic necessities to the less fortunate

Touch of love: providing educational material to autistic children of low socio-economic strata

Reaching out: participate in and assist victims of natural disasters

Compassionate Care: an initiative which provides free medical screening and consultations to the underprivileged

Reach for Health: seminars and workshops for the community including Breast Cancer Awareness Workshops and Diabetes Awareness Seminars

We are grateful to H.E. Sunil Jain, Ambassador of India to Kuwait and Dr. Gargi Jain, our Patron, for their timely advice and guidance as we continue to explore new territories.

We thank you and, our sponsors and our guests, we depend on you year after year to see us through to the finish line.

Sometimes our goals seem unreachable, and then miraculously one of you hold our hands to make it possible. A huge thank you to our families who stand rock solid by us, always encouraging, never complaining.

We could have never managed without their love and care.

19 years of turning stories of grief into success stories of joy, we remain committed to sowing seeds of hope and nurturing peace in children, to welcome a happier world tomorrow.

We can make it happen – both of us together, you and I.